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"We're Joe, Dave, Matt and Conor.

We're a band who play badly and shout with our throats.

We've had the pleasure of playing with a lot of awesome bands, and get to hang out with our friends way more than we would normally." 

Despite Everything

Four guys from Athens Greece, sharing stages, mics, inflatable beds and the same passion for long drives and punk rock for quite some time. Playing sweaty basements, your local pub or your best friends kitchen, picking up bad habits on the way and still getting stopped in each and every border 

Dude Jams

Dude Jams: Bearded guy in Dude Jams with little kittens on his short socks. “You want some of this? I’ll fuckin’ kill you.” Three gangsters in a lowered Lexus glower. The light turns green. They just stare. Dude Jams guy slaps his chest. The car slowly creeps through a red light. Dude Jams was pretty close to losing a member. Point? Not quite sure how Dude Jams avoid being a complete Crimpshrine mess; it’s almost like a Yoda / droid trick, except that the music’s just slapping you in your face with your own hands, like they shouldn’t be able to get away so easily with what they’re pulling off… but they do. 

Dry Heaves

Sheffield Punk Hardcore  

The Dauntless Elite

Formed from the ashes of Fig 4.0 and Joe Ninety in 2003. The Dauntless Elite are the finest U.K band to rip off American Steel and get anyway with it 

Fear The Wolfingtons

Rotherham based Melodic Punk


Hardcore punk from Slovenia 

Lead The Way

Wakefield Punk Rock 


Pure Graft

Geordie Idiots 


Awesome Melodic Punk From Tempe AZ 

The Slow Death

The Slow Death Featuring - Jesse Thorson: Legendary San Diego Chargers, Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels, Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil Happiness. Annie Sparrows, Paddy Costello: Dillinger Four, Jonny C. 


SSSSNAKES is Rhys Tim Jamie from THE ARTERIES and PUGS from the bar  

Too Many Daves

You're forced to live in a world where getting awesome constantly goes wrong. The neon glow of your television set guides you to reality through reality tv. The undead walk the Earth communicating to themselves through mobile headsets. Hippies in effeminate swashbuckler masks look for another reason not to work or bath. How the fuck does one eat a double xl chalupa and not get the squirts? Too many mysteries, too many responsibilities and all the more reason to give up on life and move into your mothers carriage house. Build that "dudes room" you've always dreamed about while the wife was away at work. Too Many Daves are the embodiment of that dudes room complete with gooey floors and your very own helper monkey 

Teen Rebel Dopefiends

Leeds based Blues tinged Punk n Roll 


Pissed up piss poor Pop-Punk  


Devastating and melodic, rough-around-the-edges, drug-induced pop-punk from the depths of Vancouver, Canada. Filthy, sludgey, desperate punk rock dragged through a shit-storm of dirt & regret.